Induction Ceremony

Pathfinders Induction ceremony is the initiation of Pathfinders int o the club.

The Induction Ceremony is to welcome all Pathfinders to the Loma Linda Korean SDA Church Pathfinder Club.


October 19, 2019


During EM service for prayer by the pastor and all elders & a full induction ceremony for all churches at 1:30 PM at the EM sanctuary.


All parents and pathfinders to join us for this event.

Serrano Camping Trip

It is time for our Pathfinder camping again.  This year,we are going to Serrano camp ground in Big Bear, California.  (Note: It will be very very very COLD)

When: November 1-3, 2019

Where: Serrano Campground, Big Bear, CA

Who:  All those who signed up (Currently, we have a waiting list)

Uniform: Class B

Serrano Camp honors

Camp Safety Honor

Camp Craft

Camp Craft Honor

Fire Building and Camp Cookery

Fire Building and Camp Cookery Honor

Camping Skills III

Camping Skills III Honor